editorial/book design, Zhdk, 2005 with Hannes Gloor, tutors: Kurt Eckert, Jonas Voegeli

Two people talking through e-mail about the design of a book without seeing each other for two weeks. The people: Hannes and me. The book: re:re:re:. The content: our dialog.

Blue inserts highlight some parts of our discussion. A catalog at the end of the book shows sketches and used fonts.

  re:re:re:, written and designed through e-mail conversation the discussion is interupted by blue thematic inserts editorial note contents page captions for icons used in the dialogue pages the underline shows where this part is talked about first insert   the manifest: how Hannes and I are suppost to communicate beginning of the dialogue pages every day starts with a timeline the larger the title, the longer the e-mail standard text page insert nº 2   insert nº3: our game of Battleships (through e-mail) hits… insert nº4: pattern ideas for the timeline insert nº5: our meetings with the tutors insert nº6: disussion about transformation insert nº7: idea of using emoticons to show how we feel druing the dialogue   catalogue with… …sketches and… …fonts